so long, ray.

This past week, I didn’t even try picturing the Celtics without Allen. Something inside of me just assumed Ray wasn’t serious about heading to the Heat. I made myself believe it was like Paul and Kevin convincing him to attend the meeting to punk Lebron and the rest of em. Who am I kidding though hey? I know in reality my imagination just grew wild as I couldn’t accept the fact Ray was even considering of joining our newly formed eastern rivals. Earlier today at lunch I decided to go through my twitter feeds and was relieved to see no update on Allen’s decision. I thought, “no news is good news right?” Later I was even excited at hearing about Ray flying back to Boston without any word from today’s meeting.

But a couple hours later, when news hit, I was absolutely devastated. I was in shock, thinking, how could he do this to us? How could he leave after how much history he’s made as a Celtic? 

Now I know the great majority of us fans out there are heartbroken and down about this. We may think there’s no other team in the league Allen should be on but ours. We might find his decision unethical and treasonous, but despite all our anger, shock, and sadness, we must remember this decision was made for business. As much as it’s so easy to love certain players on a team, we should remember that a sport is a sport, the players are their for one reason, and that’s to win. I hate to say this but just because fans love a certain player, doesn’t mean they should be on that team. Im not trying to say Allen is only loved by Celtic fans and thats it. That’s not where Im getting at. What I mean is that, even though Allen was  both an amazing Celtic and immensely loved by us, doesn’t mean he’s bound to his fans and franchise for the rest of his career. Allen did us beyond well throughout his career here in Boston. We should appreciate him for that. It’s safe to say he’s past his prime, and his departure is not too much of a damage as it would’ve been if he left 2-3 years ago.   

I don’t think it’s ever appropriate to boo, or talk negatively towards Allen for leaving. He’s just an athlete doing his job. He formed a strong sentimental tie with his team and us fans, thats why it’s hard to let go of him. As for me, I’m going to miss him a lot, he was the first player in the nba I greatly admired. It’ll be painful to see him in another jersey, let alone a red one. But I think this is somewhat beneficial to the C’s. We’re slowly rebuilding our team with younger guns. Plus we’ll have that extra money to use on future players when the time is right. I’m thankful we have Garnett back. With avery and Green hopefully healing, Jason Terry newly signed, and a uprising Rondo, I believe the C’s are still going to be one of the stronger contenders in the east. 

What upsets me too, is the miami fans putting Ray and the other two veterans down during the semi finals. “Oh they’re too old, too injured, no good anymore”. Now you’re all hoping for Allen to settle in South Beach just cause your Queen James encourages it. Get out of here… y’all are as phony as the team you cheer for.